Conference Venue: tak

The tak is a theater venue located in the Aufbauhaus, a new creative center at the Moritzplatz (Moritz Square) in Berlin Kreuzberg, a lively area in central Berlin.
The Aufbauhaus opened its doors in 2011. Besides the tak, it houses offices and studios of roughly 60 creatives and artists, a gallery, the Aufbau publishing company, the Modulor arts material store, and the Moritzplatz Bookstore. The tak is used for theater and music performances as well as exhibits, conferences, workshops, book presentations and cultural events.


Prinzenstrasse 85 F
10969 Berlin


How to get there

Subway U 8 to "Moritzplatz" or

Bus M 29 or nightbus N 8 to "Moritzplatz"

look for the AUFBAU HAUS and enter through the Prinzenhof

Fotos: Marcus Gründel


Dinner Venue: Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZKU)

The Sunset Dinner on the Rails on 6 June 2013 will take place at the Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZKU), if weather permits outdoors. The ZKU is housed in a former railway depot transformed into a laboratory for inter- and trans-disciplinary research and activities centered on the phenomenon of “the city”. It serves as residence and workspace for urban researchers and artists from all over the world.


Siemensstrasse 27
10551 Berlin

Subway stop: Birkenstrasse

How to get there

From tak at Moritzplatz, take subway U 8 (direction Wittenau) to Osloer Strasse, change there to U 9 (direction Rathaus Steglitz) to Birkenstrasse


We recommend that you calculate roughly 30-40 minutes travel time to get to the dinner venue.


Fotos: ZKU