Informed Cities Update

The Informed Cities Update is a regular e-newsletter featuring latest information on urban sustainability projects, including InContext, profiles of selected sustainability management tools and invitations to Informed Cities events.

Issue 1 | January 2010
Issue 2 | June 2010
Issue 3 | December 2010
Issue 4 | July 2011

Issue 5 | December 2011
Issue 6 | April 2012
Issue 7 | December 2012
Issue 8 | May 2013


Related projects

funded by FP7, the European Union Framework 7 research programme:

CRISP - CReating Innovative Sustainability Pathways seeks to identify potential pathways that will aid the EU towards the transition to a sustainable, low carbon Europe. CRISP reviews current policies and practical case studies and aims to develop and evaluate alternative scenarios for the future.

SPREAD - Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 - SPREAD is a European social platform project. Different societal stakeholders – from business, research, policy and civil society –  are invited to participate in the development of a vision for sustainable lifestyles in 2050.

LOCAW - Low Carbon at Work - LOCAW elaborates on drivers of and barriers to sustainable lifestyles by an integrative investigation of the determinants of everyday practices and behaviours within large scale organizations.

Global Network on Sustainable Lifestyles - The Global Network on Sustainable Lifestyles are a global platform of practitioners and experts that come together around the joint commitment to enabling more sustainable lifestyles.